Hermès Mechanised Displays - The global creative theme for Hermès 2017 is Object Sense. We interpret this theme by using the concept of sounds made by objects where it’s a form that could convey a feeling or message. We showcase the animated inner workings of a piano that exists in a Hermès universe as a metaphor that reveals the secrets of the house’s objects where they work and play in harmony. Find out more

prop fiction

The bikes were planted in shopping malls, underpasses, and areas with high human traffic. As soon as people were in the vicinity, the caroling Tokyobikes came alive. Unsuspecting passers-by were greeted with Christmas carols playing autonomously by the bicycle bells, each programmed to play a different note and all coming together harmoniously to ring a Christmas carol. Find out more

Singapore:Inside Out

ToToToday is the world's strangest lottery number generator. Today could be your lucky day.


We are too connected for our own good. With the smartphone, we are losing the personal touch and our interpersonal skills.

Ultilising the smartphone's gyroscope sensor, the app could determine if you answer a call or use social media, and it’ll post a “Fail to socialize message” onto your Facebook wall to help you renew your commitment. Find out more


Kinetic V5 is a fanzine - a smorgasbord of macabre pseudo-science. We blur the lines between fact and fiction - reflecting what the agency does daily. Each page also tells a story, blending in our history, philosophy and favourite lunch dishes in one frenzied publication. Find out more


Maki-San is Singapore’s first ever fully customisable sushi store. Being offered a wide selection of fresh ingredients, diners can pick and choose precisely what goes into their Maki.

To make the customisation angle fun, we designed an interactive and quirky “Maki customiser”. Users could pick their own ingredients to make a musical animation which could then be sent to friends and family. No two animations are quite the same, just like how every Maki roll is so unique.
Find out more

nike game on world

At the height of the Olympics season, Nike set out to super-charge the local running community. Athletes could take part in various Nike+ Challenges at a guerilla store set in Peranakan Place, one of which was to compete in the total miles ran within the South East Asia region. There were synced treadmills that were hard-wired with animations which changed based on runners’ speed. The multiple stations allowed for instantaneous Nike+ product demonstration and engagement. Find out more

Singapore:Inside Out

An animation contributed to the "Bank of Kinetic" - Part of Singapore Tourism Board's Singapore: Inside Out exhibition. Find out more


Favourite Website Awards (FWA) launched FWAwebTV - a live-streamed channel that features creative agencies live, once a week for one hour. This one-hour window gave agencies free play. Some showcased their work and workplace. Kinetic championed a charity to raise funds for the needy.

An online auction BYE BUY ME was created for The Salvation Army. Up for bidding via Twitter were donated items from the Salvation Army's thrift store which have parted ways with their previous owners. Items ranged from the whimsical to the novel. Find out more


Watch full-feature gif films categorised by genre or create your own director's cut with the gif movie maker app. Find out more

Nike Trackball

An in-store interactive retail experience for the launch of Nike CTR360 football boots. A product that thrives on precision control. Find out more



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