Audacious work that stands out from the mundane.

Mottomori is a multidisciplinary creative lab that experiments in audacious brand communications and engaging experiences since 2020. The aim is to synthesize the unexpected from the mundane, unfolding brand stories from a perspective that is unusual and meaningful.

Crafting experiences that are worth telling stories can liberate a brand and help our partners drive business - this has always been the approach in our work and thinking.


Jack Tan is the Creative Director of Mottomori. He sees every project as an opportunity to challenge the status quo, finding new ways to engage people and deliver a unique brand story. He has collaborated with various brands and companies such as Hermès, Nike, Apple, Tokyobike, Kinetic, and Wieden+Kennedy. With over 60 industry awards including Cannes Lions, Creative Circle, Clio, D&AD, One Show, Spikes, Webby winner for "Best Visual Design", YoungGuns, and the FWA Adobe cutting-edge award.