When was the last time you got off social networking and truly got down socialising? This back-to-basics app gets you to disconnect from the virtual world and connect to family and friends by simply getting you to hang out and socialise while you're hands off your smartphone.

SPRMRKT, a space where food, retail and art mingle, wants people to do just that – mingle and socialise. With this app, SPRMKT hopes to get people to interact and build meaningful relationships the good old-fashioned way. Without technological interference. It's time you disconnect to connect.

Simply link this app to Facebook, select the friends you’re with and set the duration of the meet. Put down the phone and you’re all set to socialize in the real world. Ultilising the smartphone's gyroscope sensor, the app could determine if you answer a call or use social media, and it’ll post a “Fail to socialize message” onto your Facebook wall to help you renew your commitment.

After the launch of the app, it was picked up by the media and was featured on the Channel 8 news for a segment on tech and how it affects social interactions. Agency: Kinetic

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