ByeBuyMe Live Charity Auction

Favourite Website Awards (FWA) launched FWAwebTV - a live-streamed channel that features creative agencies live, once a week for one hour. This one-hour window gave agencies free play. Some showcased their work and workplace. Kinetic championed a charity to raise funds for the needy.

An online auction BYE BUY ME was created for The Salvation Army. Up for bidding via Twitter were donated items from the Salvation Army's thrift store which have parted ways with their previous owners. Items ranged from the whimsical to the novel. Agency: Kinetic

Selected Work

Fetish Lab Start-up

Hermès Unusual Tunes Installation

ToToToday iOS App

Tokyobike Carol-Ring Robots

ASOCIAL iPhone App

Kinetic V5 Website

Maki-San Website + Animation Editor

Nike Game On World
Pop-up Store

Singapore: Inside Out

Tokyobike D.I.Y. Promo

Prop Fiction Zine

Forget Me Not Project

ByeBuyMe Live Charity Auction

Uu 3D Custom Figurines

Gif Film Festival + Movie Maker App

Maki-San shop-front video

Maki-San X'mas
Gobble Gobble Game

Hello Mankind

Nike Goddess 5K

Nike RunBuddyRun App

Kinetic Fanzine Vol.2 + Vol.3

F&N Beatfreq Music Maker App

F&N Bullet-time Photobooth

MINI Screensaver

Neonsound Website

Puma Microsite

Nike Trackball Installation

Nike Football Touchscreen

Nike City of Gold Campaign

Wieden+Kennedy Website

Hooky Game


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