Forget Me Not

Experience the journey of an Alzheimer's Disease sufferer.

Everyone knows what Alzheimer's Disease is. But never in-depth enough for people to understand and relate to sufferers of the disease or the pain of their caregivers. wants people to experience first-hand the life of an Alzheimer's Disease sufferer.

The site leads people into the world of one afflicted by the disease. How the sufferer's world is eroded by the disease can be experienced almost first hand as we journey through the website, which shows the day and recurring days of an Alzheimer's Disease sufferer. The entire journey is experienced through looping animated GIFs, which amplifies the severity of the disease.

As the user progresses each round which symbolises a passing day, some scenes will be missing in the next round of viewing until the site eventually breaks down. Agency: Kinetic

One Show Interactive | Merit - User Experience Design
The FWA | Site of the day
Creative Circle Awards | Silver